UpStart, Computer History Museum – Mountain View, CA Meet the upstarts: risk-takers, visionaries, disruptors, founders, and builders. What makes these people tick and where can they thrive? UpStart is a prototype, traveling exhibit about entrepreneurial people, companies, and communities. First Stops – Kansas City and Silicon Valley. INITIAL CONCEPT MODEL GRAPHIC CONTENT STUDY MODEL EXHIBIT…

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Event Graphics and Wayfinding, Computer History Museum –  Mountain View, CA The Silicon Valley is where innovation meets creativity. CHM boasts unique, award- winning architecture, compelling exhibit spaces, and flexible configurations, indoor and outdoor spaces which make CHM the perfect venue for events. MAGNETIC GRAPHIC WALL MAGNETIC GRAPHIC WALL MAGNETIC GRAPHIC WALL EVENT TICKETING

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Learning Lab

Learning Lab

Learning Lab, Computer History Museum – Mountain View, CA Designed to encourage multiple modes of learning, the Learning Lab contains hands- on activities, thought-provoking exhibits, and space for programs and live events, all meant to make the history and impact of technology accessible and relevant for visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. The Learning…

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Edwards Aquifer Authority

Edwards Aquifer Education Center at Morgan’s Wonderland, San Antonio, TX.  The Edwards Aquifer is a unique groundwater system and one of the most prolific artesian aquifers in the world.  Largely located underground, the visitor experiences developed for the Center enables children and adults to visualize their source of fresh water.  The karst theater immerses visitor…

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Fredericksburg Battlefield

Fredericksburg Battlefield Visitor Center, National Park Service, Fredericksburg, VA. Visitors to the new exhibits experience Fredericksburg’s role in the Civil War through many different perspectives—both local and national. The design presents what happened here through different lenses—property owner, slave, merchants and soldiers. It poses the question, do you stay or do you go? Van Sickle…

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Healing Culture

This project is inspired by ninth and tenth-century Islamic medical manuscripts that have become the focus of recent scholarship. These original materials offer a tantalizing glimpse into the development of a key pillar of civilization and the cultural values that shaped it. The purpose of this project is to increase public awareness of the contributions…

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National Canal Museum, Van Sickle & Rolleri

National Canal Museum

National Canal Museum – Easton, PA Located in Easton’s Hugh Moore Park, the museum is a picturesque extension of the City of Easton, where America’s golden age of canals is on full display. With more than two miles of restored Lehigh Canal, a canal boat attraction unlike any other in Pennsylvania and the rest of…

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Somerset County Park Commission Environmental Education Center, Van Sickle & Rolleri

Somerset County Park Commission Environmental Education Center

Somerset County Park Commission Environmental Education Center – Basking Ridge, NJ Our task was to create a cost effective state-of-the-art Environmental Education Center. The new Education Center is nestled within 425 acres of the western portion of the Great Swamp Basin of the Passaic River. The variety of habitats of floodplains, swamps, rivers, intermittent streams,…

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Las Vegas Museum of Natural History

Las Vegas Museum of Natural History – Las Vegas, NV The Las Vegas Natural History Museum opened in 1991 as a private, non–profit institution is currently entertaining plans to relocate its entire collection. Van Sickle & Rolleri was commissioned to create design development documents which included gallery and content plans, elevations, renderings and outline specifications…

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Cornell University, College of Life Science & Agriculture – Ithaca, NY, Van Sickle & Rolleri

Cornell University, College of Life Science & Agriculture – Ithaca, NY

Our task was to create a self-guided walking tour of the newly renovated Stocking Hall Dairy Processing Center and Teaching Winery. From the University’s highly ranked undergraduate business program to innovative teaching, research and outreach in communication, development sociology, landscape architecture, environmental sciences, biological sciences, and other fields, CALS offers a broad spectrum of programs…

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Savannah River Site Heritage Center, Van Sickle & Rolleri

Savannah River Site Heritage Center

Savannah River Site Heritage Center – Atkins, SC The historical importance of the site is best understood by recalling the war-time urgency that the Nation felt in 1949 when the Soviet Union exploded a nuclear weapon. The Nation was shocked, and President Harry Truman chose to respond to a perceived openly aggressive action. The Savannah…

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Make Software: Change the World, Van Sickle & Rolleri

Make Software: Change the World

Computer History Museum – Mt. View, CA Computers help us design safer cars, diagnose disease, and battle Orcs. They manage our business by day and entertain us at night. Smartphones can hail a cab, send a text, or play a tune. All thanks to software. Software enables computers, tablets, even appliances to touch and transform…

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National Navy SEAL – UDT Museum Detach, Van Sickle & Rolleri

National Navy SEAL – UDT Museum

National navy SEAL -UDT Museum – Fort Pierce, FL The National Navy UDT-SEAL Museum is the only museum dedicated solely to preserving the history of the U.S. Navy SEALs and their predecessors, including the Underwater Demolition Teams, Naval Combat Demolition Units, Office of Strategic Services Maritime Units and Amphibious Scouts and Raiders. Located in Fort…

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